Running Wires and Fixing Switches

Hiring An Electrician For Your Remodel

If you are remodeling your home or even just one room in the house, you may find that you want to make some changes with the lighting, the electrical outlets, or add something to the room that requires more power. Hiring an electrician to do the wiring for you is the safest way to get the work done and not have to worry about problems with the wiring later.

Adding Circuits to Your Room

Sometimes during a remodel, you realize that the amount of electricity available in a room is not going to be enough for the things you are adding. The simple solution is to cut back on what you add to the room. A better solution is to hire an electrician to add some additional circuits to the room for you.

If you have the power to spare in the electrical panel, adding a circuit or two is not difficult and is the safest way to get the additional electricity you need. 

The electrician will come and look at your electrical panel to determine if you have any space to add circuits to the existing panel. If you do, the electrician will add some breakers to the panel and run the wire from the panel to your room and then install additional outlets or receptacles for what you need. 

In some cases, you may be adding an appliance that is hard wired and the electrician can run the wire directly to that appliance for you.

Additional Lighting

If you are adding lighting to your room, but the electricity is already in the room, you may need to have an electrician come and move some wiring or reroute it for you. In some cases, the lights that are in the room already are not using the full potential of the circuit, and an electrician can add additional lights to the same circuit without having to run additional wiring from the box. 

The best way to determine if you can add extra lighting is to have an electrical look at it for you. Often you can have the electrician inspect the job for free before they agree to do the work. The electrician will give you an estimate for the job, and if you are happy with the price, you can have them do the work right away.

Many times changing the existing lighting to LEDs or low watt light figures can allow you to add additional lights to a current circuit as well. Talk with the electrician about all your options and what they feel is the best way to go for your home.