Running Wires and Fixing Switches

Home Getting Older? Hire An Electrician To Rewire Your Home

If your home is getting older it is likely time to make some repairs. One thing you should consider is the electrical wiring. This is especially true if your wiring is the same age as your home. Hiring an electrician to rewire your home would be best for you.  Below is information about what the electrician will do so you will understand what is going to happen.

Remove All Old Wiring

The first thing the electrician will do is remove all the old wiring in your home. This leaves the contractor with a clean slate to start from. You should be prepared that the electrician may need to remove the wiring that is inside the walls. If so, the electrician will have to remove the drywall as the wiring is generally installed under the drywall. 

Ask the electrician you hire if they plan to repair any damage they have to make. If not, you need to plan to hire another contractor to do these repairs for you or make them on your own if you are able to. 

Install New Wiring, Outlets, and Circuits

Once all the old wiring is out the electrician will then start the rewiring. They will replace all wiring that was removed. The electrician will also install circuits and replace all electrical outlets, as well as switches that turn off and on lights.  For electrical outlets, there is an option between metal and plastic. Metal holds up well, but so does plastic. Plastic is also less expensive which is why the electrician may choose this.

Your circuit panel will also be completely rewired, and all circuit breakers will be replaced with new ones. The electrician will ensure the voltage for each breaker is at the right amount. 

Rewire Outside 

If you have any type of wiring outside your home, such as wiring for security lights, fans, lights for a patio, and more, the electrician will also rewire these things. If you do not currently have security lights installed this would be a good time to install them.

If you have no lights installed outside at all, consider where you would like them. For example, if you have a deck or a patio you could install lights in this area. You may also want landscaping lights installed. Along with the lights the electrician will install outside electrical outlets for you. 

The electrician you hire will know all the codes they must follow when performing residential house wiring, which is very important.