Running Wires and Fixing Switches

Electrical And Wiring Issues Commercial Buildings Can Experience

A commercial building will have electrical needs that are far more intense than those that most residential properties will have. In particular, there are some upgrades and repairs that will often be needed to prepare an existing building for commercial or industrial use. Luckily, there are several ways that electricians can help with these commercial wiring problems.

Address The Higher Voltage Loads 

It is a reality that most businesses will need to use more power than most other types of residential buildings. As a result, it can be necessary to install wiring that is capable of carrying a much higher electrical load. Failing to upgrade the wiring to be compatible with these requirements will lead to a much greater risk of a major electrical failure. When one of these failures occurs, it could lead to a fire starting or the wiring melting at key points. A thorough electrical evaluation and assessment will be necessary to fully identify the range of upgrades that will be needed for the property.

Install Surge Mitigation Systems

A commercial building is likely to have a number of pieces of equipment and other items that could suffer major damage as a result of an electrical surge occurring. Luckily, it can be possible to outfit a building's wiring with surge mitigation systems that will be able to intercept these surges before they are able to cause major damage to the equipment or the wiring in the building. This is done by installing surge suppressors at the main electrical intake for the building as well as strategically throughout the building. This may seem excessive, but it can greatly reduce the risk of an electrical surge entering the building through the electrical connection, and it can limit the ability of other types of surges from spreading throughout the building's wiring.

Repair Damaged Lines And Breaker Boxes

Unfortunately, there are many types of damage that can occur to the wiring and breaker boxes that are in a commercial building. For example, pests could actually chew through wiring or other connections, and this may lead to the electrical system failing in sections of the building. In addition to these major problems, it can also be possible for wiring issues to cause more localized problems, such as outlets or light fixtures to fail. As soon as you notice that there appears to be an electrical problem, contact a commercial wiring and electrical repair company, such as Double D Electric, so that the issue can be addressed before potentially severe damage occurs to the structure or major disruptions strike the business.