Running Wires and Fixing Switches

Maintenance and Repairing Your Commercial Property Lighting

Commercial buildings and parking areas often have lighting that is hard to reach because it is high overhead, and requires an electrician to repair. Keeping the lights working is critical, so hiring the right people to facilitate that is essential to your business. 

Maintaining Overhead Lighting

If you have a lot of lighting high overhead in a parking lot of other areas of your facility, reaching the lights can be difficult. Most of the time, putting a ladder up to reach them is not practical, and even if you could get high enough, it would be difficult to do any work from the ladder. 

Hiring a lighting service is often the best way to deal with overhead lighting. The lighting service will typically bring a truck with a bucket and arm on it that allows the electrician to work on the light from a secure elevated platform. The electrician can then take the tools they need in the bucket. While they are working, they do not have to worry about the ladder falling or not having a place to put parts and equipment that they will need to complete the job.

Installing New Lighting

Many times, a lighting service can come and install new lights for you. If the lights are on a pole, the service can install the poles and run the wiring as well. Most lighting companies can also handle lights mounted to buildings and even difficult lighting inside a structure like a stadium or a gym. 

For lights inside, the lighting service will often use scissor lifts to reach the lights, but sometimes they will opt for a portable bucket lift that has a boom arm and bucket and can maneuver inside a building. Most lighting companies provide their equipment for the job, but in some situations, they may prefer to rent a lift for the job if they need a larger platform to work from or a lift with extra reach. 

Repairing Existing Lighting 

When you have lights that are no longer working, the lighting repair service may need to take the light apart to fix it. The electrician may only need to replace a bulb in the light, but many times the only way to know for sure is to take the fixture apart and check it. 

If the bulb is working, the electrician may need to check the wiring that feeds the light. There may be a problem inside the fixture that is keeping the light from turning on as well. Make sure that the lighting service you are working with can handle troubleshooting and repairs before you hire them so you don't need to change services in the middle of the job. For more information about lighting repairs, contact companies like Conway Electric.