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Dealing With Electric Motor Problems Or Failures

Electric motors have many uses and come in many sizes, with many different ratings. Small electric motors are common in toys, electronics, and household items, but large motors can be powerful enough to hoist elevators up and down all day or even run a crane or large winch. But when you start to have a problem with an electric motor, you need to know who you call for help.

Determining the Problem

When you have an electric motor that is not performing the way it should be, it is vital to have an electrician who offers gearbox repair services look at the system to see what is wrong with it. The electrician needs to have experience with electric motors and the gear systems that go with them, so it is a good idea to call an electric motor service and have them inspect the motor and system for you. 

Many electric motors use a gearbox system to add mechanical advantage to the motor and reduce the workload on it. If there is a problem inside the gearbox, instead of helping the motor, the gearbox can put additional stress on the motor. 

The electrician can test the power consumption, the output of the motor, and the drive system and gearbox for you to find the problem. Sometimes the problem is very clear, and other times, it takes some troubleshooting to find, but working with a company that works on these motors and systems all the time is the best way to resolve the issue.

Rebuilding the Gearbox

If the gearbox in the system is the problem, the unit can often be taken apart and the internal parts replaced. Rebuilding a gearbox that has damage inside is not difficult, but you need to have the right tools and access to the parts to do the job correctly. 

Often the issue is a broken gear or failing bearings withing the gearbox, but rebuilding it should include replacing the defective parts, inspecting the remaining parts, and replacing the seals in the box to ensure that the oil inside the gearbox does not leak when the system is in use.

Motor Repair

Most electric motors can have the windings inside the motor rewound if that is where your problem is. Rewinding an electric motor can take a lot of time and must be perfect for the motor to work right. 

If the motor is failing, talk to the electrician working on your motor to determine if rewinding the motor is worth the cost or if you should replace it entirely. Larger, more expensive motors are often good candidates for rewinding, but if time is critical, you may not want to wait for the motor service to rewind the motor for you.