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How To Get The Best Performance Out Of Your New Central Air Conditioning Unit

Central air conditioning is the perfect way to keep your family cool and protect your home from high humidity in the summer. Window air conditioners might keep one room cool at a time, but these units have disadvantages. Central air conditioning is out of the way, and it keeps your entire home a steady temperature. Here are ways to get the best performance out of your air conditioner.

Choose The Right Size

When you get your central AC installed, it's essential to choose the right size when you want the most energy-efficiency during operation. Don't choose a unit based on the square footage of your house. An HVAC contractor will calculate the exact size you need based on a variety of factors rather than the size of your house alone.

Have Annual Tune-Ups

Once your central AC is installed, be sure to have a tune-up every spring before you start using the air conditioner. Preventative maintenance and cleaning prolong the life of your air conditioner and keep you in compliance with the terms of your warranty. An AC that's clean and well-maintained operates more efficiently and has fewer breakdowns.

Limit Solar Heating

Keep your AC from working too hard by limiting how much the sun heats up your house. You might need to keep drapes closed during the day when the sun beats down on the windows. You might also need to improve attic ventilation or insulation so your attic doesn't get too hot and cause the rest of your house to heat up too.

Use A Programmable Thermostat

If you have a smart home system, get a smart thermostat. If you don't have a smart home setup, then buy a programmable thermostat for your AC. This allows you to program temperatures in advance for different times of the day so that you don't waste money cooling your house when nobody is home or when everyone is in bed asleep.

Block Air Leaks

When you run your air conditioner, you want cold air to stay inside and hot air to stay outside, so be sure to plug up air leaks. Caulk leaks around windows and use a draft stopper to keep hot air from seeping under your entry door. Also, check your ducts occasionally to make sure there is no cool air leaking out of a duct in your attic.

A central air conditioner could keep your family nice and cool for many years to come as long as you maintain the unit properly. Plus, if you take steps to decrease solar heating and drafts, you can stay comfortable without having to spend a lot of money on your power bills because your cooling system will work much more efficiently. 

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