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4 Tips To Help You Decide Where You Want To Invest In Energy Efficient Electrical And Lighting Upgrades For Your Business

When your outdated wiring and lighting is costing your business more every year, it is time to consider upgrading the electrical systems and wiring of your business. The problem is you are not sure where you want to start and what the best upgrades are that will really help cut your business's energy costs. The following tips will help you decide where you want to invest in energy-efficient electrical and lighting upgrades for your business.

1. Evaluate the Service of Your Business and Consider Upgrades for Modern Electrical Needs

The first thing you want to do is evaluate the electrical service of your business. If your business needs more electrical service for modern electricity needs, this is where you will want to start with the upgrades. You will need to have new meters and circuit breakers installed to upgrade the electrical service of your business.

2. Update the Design of Circuits and Consider Dedicated Circuits for Your Business

The design of old commercial wiring may have circuits that have several appliances, lighting, and outlets on one circuit. You can improve the design of the electrical system by having the larger appliances and equipment wired with dedicated circuits, which will also make the design of wiring safer. In addition, you may want to consider metered outlets for appliances and electronics that are common sources of energy waste in businesses.

3. Add the Right Automation to Electrical Wiring, Mechanical Systems, and Lighting of Your Business

There are a lot of different automation solutions that can be integrated into your business. These can include electrical systems with metered outlets and timers to reduce energy waste. You may also want to add automation to simple things like the lighting in your business, such as motion detectors and timers for lights in storerooms and bathrooms. In addition, it is a good idea to add automated controls to the HVAC and mechanical systems.

4. Improve Lighting to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

There are also a lot of improvements to the lighting of your business that can be done by a commercial electrical contractor. Talk to your electrician about replacing the outdated CFL and incandescent fixtures with modern LED technology. You may also want to add solar power for exterior lighting for parking lots, landscaping, and emergency lights for buildings.

These are some of the areas where you will want to invest in energy-efficient electrical and lighting upgrades for your business. If you are ready to start updating your business with energy-efficient design, contact a commercial electrical contractor, and start planning these improvements for the wiring and lighting in your business.