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Electrical Repairs That Might Be Needed When Your Dryer Won't Run

If your dryer won't run or if it runs for a short time and then goes off and acts like the power is dead, your next step is to figure out if the problem is with the dryer or the electricity. Here are some suggestions for dealing with this problem.

Turn The Breaker Off Then Back On

If the dryer is dead, the problem could be with the circuit breaker. Sometimes a breaker trips but it doesn't move all the way to the side, so it's hard to tell what's going on. Find the breaker to your dryer and flip it off all the way and then back on. Then check to see if your dryer starts. If it starts and continues working, the problem may be solved. If the breaker trips off again, call an electrician to check the electrical panel and wiring to see what's wrong.

Test The Outlet With A Meter

If you have a meter for testing voltage and feel comfortable using it, you can test the voltage in the outlet to see if the right amount of power is being supplied to the dryer. If it is, the problem may be in the dryer cord or the dryer itself. In that case, you may want to call an appliance repair professional to service your dryer.

Call An Electrician To Make Repairs

If you test the outlet and it has no power, then you know the problem is with the electrical system and not the dryer. In that case, call an electrician. The electrician will probably use a meter to check the outlet voltage again. If there's no voltage, the electrician turns off the power at the electrical panel to work on your outlet.

The outlet is taken apart so the wires can be visualized. Sometimes a wire is loose or damaged in some way that causes the outlet to malfunction. The electrician looks for damage to the wires or outlet and makes repairs as needed. It may be necessary to replace the outlet.

Before turning off the circuit breaker to work on the outlet, the electrician might test the breaker's voltage too. If the voltage is low on the breaker, then the electrician needs to change the circuit breaker rather than the outlet. When a circuit breaker is bad, your dryer may have no power or have intermittent power until the breaker fails.

Since electrical problems could be serious, especially if the outlet or electrical panel feels hot, call an electrician right away for help and advice. There are many things that can go wrong with a dryer, so the electrical system isn't always to blame, but when it is, have electrical repairs done right away so you aren't at risk of a shock or fire in your home.

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