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3 Things To Know About The Duct Fogging Process

If you have been thinking about getting your ducts cleaned, you have probably run across the term duct fogging. Duct fogging may seem like a funny term, but it is really an industry-specific term. Duct fogging refers to a cleaning solution that is designed to kill germs inside of your air conditioning system in an environmentally safe manner that is also safe for pets.

When it comes to getting your ducts cleaned, look for a company that uses a duct fogging process, as it offers many benefits to you as a homeowner.

Benefit #1: Kills Bacteria

You may not realize it, but your ducts can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Bacteria can grow inside of your ducts, and then spread throughout your home whenever you use your air conditioning system.

The cleaning solution used with the duct fogging process will kill and eliminate the bacteria that are in your duct system. Additionally, it will kill any bacteriostatic activity for months after application, continuing to keep your ducts clean and sanitary.

Benefit #2: Deodorizes

In addition to cleaning your ducts, when you use a duct fogging solution, the solution is also designed to deodorize your ducts as well. It will help kill anything in your duct that is making the air smell bad and will give the air that blows through your ducts a nice, fresh scent.

If you dread turning on your AC or heater because of the smell of the air, the duct fogging cleaning process will allow you to enjoy the fresh air again.

Benefit #3: Long-Term Protection

When you fog your ducts, you are not just cleaning them right now; you are cleaning them in the future as well. Duct fogging solution is essentially an advanced antibacterial spray, that will cling to the inside of your ducts, immediately cleaning them and helping to keep your ducts clean into the future.

The anti-bacterial properties of the duct fogging solution will help prevent the growth of bacteria and mold in your air ducts for a number of months.

Cleaning your ducts is very important. Clean ducts will help improve the quality of air in your home, and cleaner air is healthier air. It is important to remember that duct fogging is one piece of the duct cleaning process, that is usually applied after your ducts have been thoroughly cleaned.

Talk to your local duct cleaning company and see if they use the duct fogging process, which is a beneficial and environmentally safe way to eliminate the bacteria, mold, and debris that likes to turn your ducts into their home.