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A Few Things To Consider Before Having New Central Air Conditioning Installed

If your home has a forced-air furnace, and you want to add air conditioning, central air conditioning could be a good choice. Central air has benefits over window units or ductless systems, especially if you can use part of the components already installed for the furnace. Here are some considerations when having a new air conditioning system added to your home.

Know The Benefits Of Central AC

One reason central air conditioning is a popular choice is because you can maintain a uniform temperature throughout your home. Rather than individual window or wall units you have to regulate independently, you can set the thermostat to keep the temperature even in all rooms of your house.

Another benefit of central air conditioning is that the system is almost entirely out of sight. There will be vents on the wall or ceiling that blow out cool air, but you won't have ugly units blocking your windows or taking up room on your walls.

A central AC can also be controlled with a variety of thermostats that let you program the AC for the best energy-efficiency. You could even get a smart thermostat for your system and connect the AC to your smart hub so the AC learns your habits and adjusts the temperature for energy savings automatically.

Evaluate Your Current System

You'll need an HVAC contractor to evaluate your current furnace and air ducts to see if they're compatible with AC equipment. If so, the contractor may install evaporator coils to the existing furnace air handler and use the same blower for distributing cool air through the ducts. You may also need the electrical system in your home evaluated to make sure it can support the addition of central air conditioning.

While the contractor might be able to use the furnace air handler, you'll still need new equipment outdoors. Central AC systems are usually split, with the air handler inside and the condenser outside. You'll want to find the ideal spot in your yard for the condenser so it's protected from the sun and water ponding.

Understand The Maintenance Needs

A central air conditioning unit is a major investment, so it's important to care for the AC properly to ensure it has a long life. In addition to changing the filter and preventing air blockage around the air handler and condenser, you'll want to have your air conditioner maintained by a professional on an annual basis. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear that could cause a breakdown of your system.

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