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Things To Consider When Installing An Emergency Generator For Your Home

Installing a Generac whole home generator may be just the thing you need if you live in an area prone to power outages or storms. The system is designed to provide electricity to the entire house in the event of power loss and will run continuously if you need it to as long as it has fuel.

Choosing a Generator

One of the most important things you need to look at when choosing a Generac whole home generator for your home is how large the generator must be to power everything you need in the house. Your refrigerator, freezer, and HVAC system all need to have power, but if you want additional power for the range, or to run the washer and dryer, you will need a larger generator.

Generac whole home generators come in many different output ranges, so it is easy to get one that will provide the power you need. Still, it would be best if you talked with the representative that is selling you the generator so you can be sure to get what you need. If you install a generator that is too small for your needs, it will not be able to handle the load and may trip circuit breakers when you are trying to run all the things you need.  

Fuel Requirements

When you are considering a Generac whole home generator, you will need to provide fuel to run the system. For many people, a natural gas line running to the generator is the easiest way to provide the fuel, and if your city offers it, it means not having to worry about running out of fuel. If you do not have natural gas in your area, you will need to have a propane tank installed on the property to provide the fuel for the generator. 

If you have to have a propane tank installed, talk to the generator company about where it should be before installing it. The tank does not need to be right next to the generator in most cases, so you might want to put it around the back of the house, so it is not noticeable from the street. 

Installation Cost

The cost of installing a Generac whole home generator will vary by the size of the generator and the home's size. Systems can start at around two thousand dollars for the generator and another two thousand to install it and go up from there. The best way to determine the cost for your home is to have the installer give you an estimate after visiting the house and surveying the site.

Reach out to a generator retailer to learn more.