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Reasons Companies Are Installing Fiber Optic Cables Instead Of Copper Cables

One of the essential projects that determine the effectiveness of company operations is data cabling. For this reason, it is crucial to use the right materials if you want reliable results. So, what kind of cables should you use if the network you want to build requires high speeds, long distances, and heavy bandwidth connections?

Consider using fiber optic cables as a replacement for the copper cables. Both types of cables can transmit data effectively but in various ways. Copper cables carry electrical pulses along metal threads while fiber optics carry light pulses along glass strands. This difference makes fiber optic cables a better solution for those who are upgrading their old network or installing a new one. Here are the benefits you will gain when you use fiber optic cables.

Quicker transmission

Most companies today choose to upgrade their network to get faster transmission. After all, times have changed over the years, and so much information must be transmitted as quickly as possible to boost work efficiency.

Fiber optic cables can transfer data faster than their counterparts. Copper-based transmissions max out at forty gigabits of data in a second while fiber cables carry data almost at the speed of light. It would be impossible for the copper cables to outdo fiber ones.

Not susceptible to electromagnetic interference

Copper cables must be shielded and installed correctly to prevent the formation of electromagnetic interference. However, if this isn't done, the electromagnetic interference can cause problems on your network, and the neighboring interfaces, too. This mainly occurs if the copper cables are covering longer distances. The longer the distance, the more you'll face problems as noise and quality degrade. You will not face this kind of problem when you install fiber optics since fiber is pervasive.

Better durability

People like assuming that fiber optics cannot last long because they are made of glass. The truth is that fiber cables offer better durability than copper. Wondering how? Well, copper tends to wear out more quickly than glass, which means that you will need to replace the cables sooner. Cable replacement not only costs more over time, but it also causes work interruptions.

Therefore, it is better to get fiber optics — you will pay a significant upfront cost during installation but enjoy their effectiveness for longer. Besides, you won't even have to worry about future replacements or maintenance. All this makes fiber cables a more cost-effective option.

For additional information on fiber optics, reach out to a local electrician.