Running Wires and Fixing Switches

Basic Repair on Landscaping Lights

One way to spice up your lawn and make it safer at night is to add landscaping lights. Just like caring for your lawn, your lighting will also need care. There is nothing more frustrating than going outside and noticing that some of your lights are not working. Thankfully, this is often due to a connection problem and is repairable. Lines under the ground are susceptible to the environment, which often leads to corrosion or other damages. While some companies provide waterproof connectors, it is a good idea to know how to do minor lighting system repairs yourself.

1. Check Controllers

Prior to messing with the wiring of your lights, it is wise to check the controller for proper setup. You will want to make sure the lights are programmed to come on at the right time of day, especially during daylight savings when the sun rises and sets at different times. In addition, make sure there is power going to the controller, or your lights will not work properly.

2. Check Bulbs

One of the easiest things to miss is a burned-out lightbulb, which can lead you to believe there's more is wrong with your lighting. Check the bulb of all lights not working properly, even if they are only flickering. If you are unsure if it is burnt out by looking at it, have a spare good bulb and exchange it to see if the light then works.

3. Check and Repair Connections

In order to check the connections for the lighting, you will need to remove the front panel on your controller. The connection you are looking for is the wire that is running from your lights into the controller box. The first step is to check the connection to make sure it is secure and if it appears loose, simply tighten it with a screwdriver.

If the wiring appears to be in working order, you will want to locate the underground splice. This connection also needs to be tight, but make sure you disconnect the power prior to working with the splice. Remove the connector and check the wires for corrosion. Clean both ends of the wire, splice the wires back together using pliers, and then twist together until they are snug. Using a new connector, twist it onto the wires and then use silicone to fill.

In most cases, these simple steps will repair most problems with failed lights in your landscaping design. However, if you are still struggling with lights not working, you will want to contact companies like Conway Electric to troubleshoot or perform your lighting system repair work for you.