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The Basics Of Household Electrical Fire Risk

One of the biggest risks for homeowners is an electrical fire in the home. The reason it is such a big risk is that many homeowners lack the understanding needed to recognize electrical fire risks and hazards. When you work with a professional electrician, he or she can help you to identify those risks and mitigate them, but it's in your best interest to know the risks yourself as well. Here's a look at what your electrician wants you to know about electrical fire hazards and your home.

How Old Is Your Wiring?

Your home's wiring itself could prove to be the biggest single risk factor you have for an electrical fire. The older your wiring is, the greater the risk. Older electrical wiring wasn't designed to sustain the demand from modern electrical appliances and the number of electrical devices used in homes today. 

That means you're straining your old wiring and putting it at risk for a complete failure, shorts, and the risk of an electrical fire. Have your electrician inspect your home's wiring to determine its age so that you can assess your risk factors. If necessary, have the wiring upgraded so that you can trust in its reliability and safety.

Are Your Outlets Functioning Properly?

Outlets that are malfunctioning or not working at all or that feel warm to the touch could put your home at risk of an electrical fire. Take time to inspect the outlets in your home periodically. Make sure that they aren't warm, that there's no heat in the wall around them, and that you can't see any visible darkening spots on the walls. 

Additionally, if you have an outlet that sparks when you plug something in, that means the outlet isn't properly grounded. Outlets that aren't grounded correctly are an electrical short risk. This could lead to a fire if you're not careful. Any time you have questions about an outlet's safety or operation, you should talk with an electrician as soon as possible.

Are You Straining Your Electrical Circuits?

With so much of daily life relying on electricity, it's common to have things plugged into nearly every outlet in your home. Unfortunately, when you have this many devices plugged in on your home's electrical circuit, it could become overloaded. This can lead to strain that may cause an electrical fire as well. 

Talk with an electrician at a company like RDS Electric today for more information and to have your home's electrical system evaluated for any weaknesses or potential hazards.