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Tips For Electric Motor Rewinding

If you have a system that relies on an electric motor to function, you may want to get as many years out of this component as possible. That can happen, thanks to electric motor rewinding, a process that restores the motor if it's about to fail. As long as you utilize these tips, electric motor rewinding will be worth your time and money.

Get a Professional Recommendation First

Rewinding an electric motor can come with a lot of great benefits, but it will cost money regardless. You need to make sure the costs are worth this process as opposed to replacing the motor, and that's something you can gain knowledge on quickly by getting a professional recommendation.

Talk with a company that handles electric motor rewinds on a regular basis, seeing what they feel about the cost versus reward of this service. If they recommend a rewind after this initial assessment, you can feel good about not letting your money go to waste.

Remember Motor's Current Configuration

If you plan on dealing with this motor rewind process yourself, knowing the original configuration is important because it helps you continue to get normal motor function once the rewind is complete and the motor has been fully reassembled.

It is best to document the exact layout of the electric motor's interior before taking anything apart for the rewind. You can use pictures or possibly even video. Then if you run into issues putting the electric motor back together, you'll have resources to consult with. 

Find High-Quality Replacement Windings

An integral part of rewinding an electric motor is finding quality replacement windings. If you know what precautions to take in your search, you can get windings that enable your electric motor to work many more years with minimal complications coming about.

Always find a trusted winding supplier that you know for certain produces quality products. Also, try going with windings that have the best lifespan on the market so that you're not having to perform this rewinding process any time soon again. When in doubt, always consult with professionals that can help you make the best selection based on the electric motor in your possession.

Getting more years out of an electric motor is possible, thanks to the advancements in rewinding. It can be an amazing service to perform, as long as you're careful in the steps you take leading up to it.