Running Wires and Fixing Switches

Types Of Electricians And Electrical Jobs

There are many different types of electrical jobs and specializations that electricians are capable of. They have to go through hundreds of hours of training and apprenticeship programs to make sure that they know how to keep up with local and national safety standards. If you are having problems with anything that uses electricity, it is a good idea to hire a specialized electrician to take care of it. They will know how to finish the job safely, and they will be able to do it so much faster than you would be able to. From small home projects and machinery to wiring malls or taking care of highway electrical systems, there is an electrician for every job.

Domestic/Residential Electrician

This is the most common area for electricians to specialize in. These electricians can take care of any jobs that you would need help with in your house. They can fix faulty plugs and light switches or completely rewire ballasts. They are also the electricians who would take care of the initial wiring of a new home. They know how to read technical blueprints and make sure that your house will have properly running electricity.

Commercial Electrician

This subcategory of electricians is very similar to the domestic one. The main difference is the scale of their work and the training that they need. While domestic electricians will work mainly on homes, commercial electricians work on larger projects like malls or apartment buildings. This requires them to have extra training and apprenticeships in order to be ready to take care of such a large job. While leading a commercial job, the head electrician must be prepared to read and understand blueprints as well as lead a team of junior electricians.

Automotive/Aviation Electrician

Electrical jobs do not only incorporate buildings or factory machinery. With advancements in transportation technology, electricians are becoming more necessary to work on cars and planes. Some of the jobs that automotive electricians work on are lighting, air conditioning and heating, transmission, anti-theft, anti-break, and many others that cars require. Similarly, aviation electricians work on navigation systems, radar, communication systems, and other instruments that are required to make a plan run efficiently.

There are many other types of electricians. With the rapid technological advancements that are happening all around the world, electricians are becoming more necessary than ever. There are so many jobs that require the training and help of an electrician, so it is a great industry to get into. On the other hand, if you are just looking for an electrician to help you with a job around your house or business, there is sure to be one nearby that could help.

If you are looking for electrical jobs as an up-and-coming electrician, check out local job boards.