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Does Your Commercial Electrical Panel Need Replacement? 3 Ways To Tell

A time will come when you will have no option other than to upgrade your commercial electrical panel because circuit breakers, ground fault interrupters, and wiring age with time. The age leads to the need for replacement. It is advisable to always be on the lookout for indicators that it is time to replace components of your electrical panel. Here are three telltale signs. 

The Workers Constantly Complain About Circuit Breakers

Call an electrician when the workers keep complaining about tripping breakers. The design of the breaker is to ensure any overload in the circuit leads to a disconnect, which prevents damage to your electronic appliances. A well-wired house should never trip unless there is a major electrical problem. If your breaker keeps tripping, it is possible that the wiring is old and can no longer support the voltage load of the wiring. It is advisable to ask a competent electrician to help decide whether to change the breakers or upgrade the wiring. 

The Panel is Constantly Heated

A heated electrical panel is another indicator that you need to replace your system. Your board and also the power outlets should never feel hot to the touch. The heat builds up when it cannot handle the power demands on the system. Contact the electrician to help you establish the cause of overheating and possibly rectify it. Reduced occurrences of circuit breakers tripping increase productivity because you do not have to deal with system shut down and similar inconveniences. You should also resolve the problem because it poses a significant fire damage risk to your business premises. 

The Presence of Rust and Corrosion On the Panel 

You should also check for signs of deterioration, like rust and oxidation on the panel. Oxidation creates excessive resistance, which minimizes the efficiency of your electrical system and raises your electric bill. If a side of it has rust, the electrician will want to see how the inside looks. They look for corroded breakers because they might fail to trip, trip slowly, or not at all. All the tripping abnormalities lead to electrical appliance damages. You should replace all damaged parts as they are the best way to ensure your system does not cause you fire damage.

Commercial electricians have the training and expertise to assess your panel and establish whether it is the right time to replace it. With a simple upgrade to the system, you get improved energy efficiency and safety on your business premises.

For more information, contact a commercial electrician near you.