Running Wires and Fixing Switches

Sports Field Lighting Maintenance And Modifications

Sports field lighting is essential when competitions are being played at night or during inclement weather. When there is a break in between sporting seasons, hire an electrician to perform maintenance and upgrades to the lighting system that you oversee. 

Performance Issues

One part of an electrician's inspection will pertain to the performance of the lighting. An electrician may need to use lift equipment, voltage testers, and other essential materials to access the lighting and determine each bulb's output. Exposed lighting is prone to damage from the elements. It is also susceptible to damage from airborne debris. During the inspection process, an electrician will inspect the casing, bulbs, poles, and hardware that are part of each sports field light.

Because you will be having all of the lighting equipment serviced during the same appointment, materials that aren't operating properly can be switched out on the same occasion. At the end of the service appointment, an electrician will visually assess the luminosity of the lighting and the positioning of each light beam. This will ensure that all of the lights are producing a light beam that is equal in intensity.

Sports Field Lighting Modifications

The use of a backup generator or light source is needed when sports field lighting fails to operate properly. The inspection process that an electrician performs may not ward off every electrical issue that could eventually be experienced. During an electrician's inspection, the service provider will conduct a walkthrough of the grounds. They will take note of how the lighting is hooked up at ground level.

The proper grounding of the electrical equipment will prevent overloading a circuit breaker. If you do not have a backup electrical system in place, an electrician can be assigned to modify the electrical setup. Modifications to the existing layout may require that new electrical wires and equipment are installed on the property. If a major modification will be made to the lighting system, trenching may need to be performed.

Trenching involves an excavation process that will support the installation of underground wiring. Trenching will ensure that all of the electrical components are safely secured. Electrical wires will not pose a tripping hazard, since they will be installed underground. The installation of new electrical equipment will require the property to be temporarily disrupted. When preparing for an upgrade like this, plan on having some landscaping services conducted once the electrical modifications have been completed.

To learn more, contact a local sports field lighting service.