Running Wires and Fixing Switches

Electrical Considerations For Your Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel gives you the perfect opportunity to create the space that you have always wanted to cook in. Remember that the kitchen is the central point in most homes because it is where the family gathers for mealtimes and it's where friends come to sit for a cup of coffee or hang out over a dinner invitation. With such an important space in your home, your remodeling plan should cover every detail, including your kitchen's electrical needs.

How Many Dedicated Circuits Do You Need? 

Ask your electrician about the number of dedicated circuits that you may need for your kitchen. This will depend on the number and types of appliances that you plan to install, so share your full plan with the electrician ahead of time so that he can plan accordingly. Remember that building codes restrict power supply for certain things, so your electrician needs the facts to ensure that you have enough circuits for your power needs.

Where Will You Spend Most Of Your Time?

Consider how the work will flow in your new kitchen space so that you can ensure adequate outlet access in the areas where you will use your portable appliances. Consider a specific area for your coffee station as well as space intended for your mixer, blender, and other small appliances. The more proactive you are about considering your workflow and outlet access, the more functional the space will be.

Do You Need Charging Ports In The Kitchen?

When your electrician maps out the outlet installation, talk with them about any charging ports you might need to add. Modern outlets are available with combination sources that include not only traditional electrical plugs about also USB plugs and support for wireless chargers. Your electrician can help you explore the options to find the one that's right for you. 

Are You Hoping To Hide The Outlets?

If your kitchen remodeling plan is creating a modern kitchen with a polished appearance, you might not want electrical outlets to interrupt those clean lines. Consider installing your outlets underneath the cabinetry or under the countertops instead to hide them. You can also have your electrician add recessed outlets so that you can cover them when you aren't using them.

These are just some of the things that you should discuss with your electrician when you plan on remodeling your kitchen. Make the most of the investment and create your ideal space.

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